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Guess the News is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Guess the News

Do you find yourself getting bored by checking out every day to get caught up on the news? Ever wish news gathering was more fun or interactive? Thanks to the team at FingerArts, there’s officially an app for that, and it’s dubbed Guess The News.

If Scrabble and Wheel of Fortune hooked up and had a love child, it’d look a lot like Guess the News. Considering those two games are classics, we found this to be a very good idea. After selecting one of nine news categories (e.g. Top Stories, Sports, Entertainment, Business, etc.) you get dropped into the main game.

Scrabble of Fortune.

The premise in Guess the News is to fill in a series of incomplete news headlines that are missing words. You get a clue about the phrase from a snippet of a real-life article, and you have to select letters in the correct order to complete the words. Depending on how accurate you are, there are speed and multiplier bonuses to boost your scores. Trophies and scorekeeping for each news category are built in to keep you playing.

The beauty of Guess the News is that the content will always be fresh and new. After solving phrases, the game offers links to read the related articles. Is this the most efficient way to get your news? Probably not. But Guess the News is still a polished game that’s different every day.

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