Frogger Inferno

Frogger Inferno is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Frogger Inferno

Chances are you weren’t expecting much from Konami’s latest entry in the Frogger series. You would be right: Frogger Inferno adds only the slightest twist to the classic arcade game, and the original is still available in a virtually identical package in the App Store.

Practically every gamer has hopped this amphibian hero and his many clones across the street at some point, so we won’t bore you with an explanation of the gameplay. It’s practically the same as the other Frogger port, except now he leaves a trail of flames behind him so he can’t retrace his steps. While this new mode may not burn down the house with originality, it does add a welcome new aspect to the game. However, it doesn’t do enough to be worth an extra $0.99.

Looks like the frog got into the Indian food again.

An issue with the previous Frogger port was that the music had been changed from the original. That remains an issue in Inferno, although we don’t mind the new track so much. Online scoring through Facebook is available, but that’s not quite as good as integrated online leaderboards. One other gripe is the user interface, which is extremely low-res.

Frogger Inferno should have been an update to the original version, considering it likely took Konami almost no effort to implement. Frogger’s trail of fire certainly isn’t enough to justify another purchase, and retro gamers will likely feel more nostalgic playing the classic Frogger. Spending a dollar on this game is the equivalent of burning the money.

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