Feed Meh!!

Feed Meh!! is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Feed Meh!!

When we first heard of ‘Feed Meh!!’, we were hoping that the game lived up to its awesome name. Dreams of having to feed an obnoxious, overweight Boy Scout demanding seconds and thirds of greasy foods would have instantly made this our Game of the Month. Those dreams quickly vanished once we spent some quality time with Feed Meh!!

Eat fruit, avoid junk, die, set high score, and repeat. That’s essentially the game right there. Controlling the little creature in the side-scrolling levels is done using your thumb, and it’s fairly responsive. As you collect the good food, your score and health go up. Conversely, running into junk depletes your energy until you die. The system works well, but it’s annoying that your thumb has to be on the character model to move him. Due to this poor design decision, you’ll be fed a bunch of quick and cheap deaths, which is not fun.

How does he eat through the diver’s helmet?

There are three one-off levels (Land, Air, Sea) to play, but even with a couple of touches to make them unique, it’s essentially the equivalent of a background swap. While consistent, the art in Feed Meh!! is nothing to write home about. The exaggerated look and feel is reminiscent of a poor man’s Ren and Stimpy.

We never enjoy taking a horrible game to task. Despite how ill-conceived a game is, the reality is that several folks put in major hours to make it. That being said, Feed Meh!! disappoints on all levels. While we could reiterate all the game’s faults, that’d be needlessly piling it on. Instead, we’ll encapsulate how we feel into one word: meh!!

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