Dr. Kerthunk's Goop

Dr. Kerthunk's Goop is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Dr. Kerthunk’s Goop

First, a word of warning: if you choose to buy this game, you will never be able to truthfully tell your loved ones what you’re doing on your iPhone. Imagine your significant other asks you what you’re doing. You will have no choice but to respond, “Playing with Dr. Kerthunk’s Goop.” They will then promptly pack their bags, leave you forever, and call you a perv on the way out. Unless they’re into that sort of thing. And if they are, then you should probably leave them.

All jokes aside though, Dr. Kerthunk’s Goop is based on the classic block-removal form of puzzle game. Essentially, you try to link together Dr. Kerthunk’s goop balls in such a way and in such an order that there will be no stray balls left once you’re done. It seems easy at first, but once more than a few colors of goop are thrown into the mix it becomes more of a thinking game, as you try to plan things out several moves in advance. And things really get interesting once you get to start piecing together robots in the puzzle to help you out.

Pop goes the goop.

There are a lot of great little touches here and there that make this a pretty solid little puzzler. From the special gameplay quirks like the aforementioned robots, to the gooey particle explosion when you clear blobs from the screen, it’s all very good looking and cohesive.

For classic puzzle gaming, DKG does a good job mixing up the formula enough to make this age old gameplay style somewhat fresh. This will satisfy your cheap puzzle gaming needs, but for goodness sake, keep it on the down-low.

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