Boom It Up!

Boom It Up! is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Boom It Up!

At 99 cents, Gamevil’s one-button cannonball run is meant to be a casual alternative to their more intimidating games like Zenonia and Hybrid: Eternal Whisper. It’s not that we don’t like casual games, we just don’t care for this one in particular.

Based on the long-running mobile series Super Boom Boom (a much cooler name, by the way), Boom It Up! has a few features going for it, like online high scores and randomly generated levels. It doesn’t take long to run out of steam, though. After the novelty of timing your cannonball’s vertical jumps from basket to basket wears off, you’re left with a fairly uneventful high-score game.

I shot a cannonball into the air…

The graphics are merely blown-up, pixelated holdovers from the game’s cellphone origins, a trend we disdain, and Boom It Up! also stuttered on our iPhone 3G (but played smoothly on an iPod Touch). For a timing based game, the choppy animation is a real killer.

If you’re looking for a good use of 99 cents, with online high scores to push you along, you can do better than Boom It Up!. With hundreds of other options, there’s no need to settle for less. Besides, there’s always Doodle Jump again.

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