Bee'z Nuts

Bee'z Nuts is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Bee’z Nuts

You might be surprised that, after getting past the completely ridiculous name of this game, Bee’z Nuts is actually a rather innocent little app. You play as a delightful little buzzing bee, popping balloons tied to acorns so that a rambunctious squirrel can collect them for you. So why the reference to a dumb phrase like “deez nuts”?

The answer is obvious: If it weren’t for the goofy title, we wouldn’t care at all about this game. Sure, it’s got OpenFeint, it controls well with the tilt function and has some interesting achievements, but it’s just a pointless time-waster. Popping balloons doesn’t exactly give you a feeling of accomplishment, even if there is a nice score bonus for popping several of the same colors in a row.

Wanna try some of these?

A few powerups hidden in rainclouds, like gusts of winds and lightning storms, will help you get the most out of your balloon-popping session. Still, you might play this once and not feel the need to go at it again. The nuts themselves are not even part of the game’” they’re just an excuse to make a double entendre in the title.

We don’t really think you should bother playing this one. Laugh at the title, sure, but save your dollar for something (do we have to do this?) more fun to play with than Bee’z Nuts.

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