Beat The Tiki

Beat The Tiki is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Beat the Tiki

Beat the Tiki is a game best enjoyed with a couple of tall cocktail glasses filled with coconut rum and pineapple juice, with mini umbrellas sticking out of the top. This mental-flexing quiz game in the style of The Moron Test isn’t that hard (maybe because we don’t consider ourselves morons) but after a few drinks, you might be fooled by some of the more gimmicky questions.

Using a combination of shapes, colors, words, animals, and sounds, Beat the Tiki asks you to do everything from count the number of circles on screen to play Simon Says with bongo drums. The jungle theme is really not taken to any extreme during the quizzes themselves, except for the constant drumming in the background. It’s no Jeopardy music, but it’ll do.

Giant enemy crab!

We enjoyed a few of the more creative exercises, like building a winding snake out of puzzle pieces, or filling in color-by-number drawings. It’d be even better if you could play these minigames by themselves, or if there were more than just two or three of each. These “puzzles” are so simple, the developers could have probably made 2-3 times as many without much difficulty, but maybe they’re holding back for a sequel.

We beat the Tiki in less than an hour, and see no reason to replay it for the sake of a few unlockable trophies. Beat the Tiki is not too difficult, so if you want the game to be challenging, you’d better BYOB.

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