Alice in Bomberland

Alice in Bomberland is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Alice in Bomberland

And you thought Tim Burton was creepy. Alice in Bomberland takes the already nutty stories we’re (mostly) fond of and adds an arsenal of heavy weapons to Wonderland’s seemingly drugged-out citizens. Yes, you know something is amiss when the story opens with the white rabbit carrying a stack of dynamite, and we’re sure your vivid imaginations can already conjure up what sort of dastardly destruction some of the other characters bring to the table (can you guess who uses the baz-hookah?).

In no time at all you’ll have Alice moving, bouncing, dodging and using an array of power-ups to avoid the onslaught of incoming explosives. This is a game that wastes little of your time (in case you’re very late for an important date) and only tosses a few bizarrely twisted lines of the story at you between levels as you aid Alice in her quest to recover the pages to the real (although no less weird) story. There are nearly 50 levels in all, with most of them requiring you to maintain a certain score, beat the clock, and of course not die before the level ends.

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It’s obvious that Alice in Bomberland borrows a lot from Braid (including one of its artists), as the visual style and fantastic yet repetitive music mimics Braid’s motif quite a bit. The style fits with the psychedelic aspects of the story quite nicely, but Alice has nowhere near the depth of that gem, even if it has some of the charm.

Still, each level does seem to offer something new, and the strange turn of events and twisting of the traditional narrative will leave a lasting impression long after you’ve beaten the game. If you’re tired of the ho-hum of run-of-the-mill cheap iPhone games, drink the bottle, eat the cake, and tumble down the rabbit hole for some explosive fun.

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