Changing of the Guard at Slide To Play

Slide To Play launched in September 2008 amid the excitement of a smartphone revolution. The site’s founders — Steve, Adam, Jeremy, and Conor — wanted to build a reliable review network for a new type of video game. It’s the kind that could be downloaded and played anywhere, moving games out of the arcades and living rooms and into the wider world.

Since I joined Slide To Play as an editor in 2009, I’ve been able to watch firsthand as new product announcements and breakthrough games radically change the landscape for this brand-new, billion-dollar industry. Slide To Play was there on day one for the launch of Angry Birds and Infinity Blade, the reveal of the iPad, and the death of Steve Jobs. We covered the rise of hundreds of successful new independent developers, and watched massive companies adjust to the times.

In that time, the editorial team at Slide To Play wrote and published over 3,000 detailed iOS app reviews. We also created hundreds of podcasts, liveblogs, video reviews, previews, interviews, features, and columns.

Our steadfast readers, viewers, and listeners encouraged us the whole time with your clicks and comments. You allowed us to be one of the few independent media outlets who takes mobile gaming seriously. Thank you for your years of support.

I’ve decided that it’s time to change the guard at Slide To Play. I’ll be moving on to work at as an analyst. My new job will be to help major game companies understand and respond to what the public wants from their games.

Slide To Play will have a new editor and manager who understands the value of the site and what it represents for mobile gaming. I’m pleased to announce that Jeff Scott, the founder and former editor of 148Apps, will take over operations at Slide To Play.

148Apps and Slide To Play were always two websites with similar goals. Both sites were founders of OATS, the Organization for App Testing Standards that pushed back against the practice of paid app reviews. Our sites covered many of the same big events, from Apple press conferences to E3, and both of our sites have a reputation for quality coverage and a fair review process.

At Slide To Play, Jeff will be able to maintain the record of games coverage that we’ve created since 2008, while also adapting to new challenges in the publishing industry. I’m excited to see how he’s going to continue to cover the world of mobile gaming.

Thank you again, readers, for all of your years of support. We hope that you continue to read the site and support Jeff’s efforts. Gaming journalists are in a unique position to speak directly with game developers on your behalf, and at Slide To Play we’ve always taken that responsibility seriously.

Thank you also to the staff of editors, writers, designers, and producers who helped make Slide To Play such a success for so long. Thanks to editor Chris Reed and producer Jeremy Wood, who hosted a weekly podcast with me for four entire years. Thanks also to our advertising partners, our wonderful developer and PR contacts, and everyone who’s been following us on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

Exciting events still lie ahead in gaming. I’m looking forward to reading Jeff Scott’s take on them for Slide To Play, and I hope you are, too.

– Andrew

A note from Jeff:

Many thanks to Steve, Andrew, and the whole Slide To Play team for trusting in me to take over this amazing site and carry it into the future.  As one of the first and best regarded iOS gaming sites, what they have built is astonishing. I will do my best to ensure the site lives on and prospers.

I do have some big plans for Slide To Play. While the site will still be focused on mobile gaming, we will be bringing a new and wider variety of content to the site. I’ll keep the readers updated on the future plans, but for now rest assured that Slide To Play is in good hands.

– Jeff Scott (jeff at

8 thoughts on “Changing of the Guard at Slide To Play

  1. Congrats Andrew on the new job! I’m a little sad to see you go. Thank you for all your great work and articles on SlidetoPlay. It was great meeting with you and chatting with you over the years.

    Congrats to Jeff as well! How exciting to be running SlidetoPlay. Carter Dodson going from 148apps to TouchArcade, now you heading SlidetoPlay. Exciting times :)

  2. Damn, Andrew, you pretty much got my dream job; telling developers how to make their games not suck BEFORE they are released! ;) Definitely something that someone like you has quite a bit of experience in! And Jeff, you’re the perfect man for this job! Congrats to both of you guys. You deserve nothing buy success in whatever you do.

  3. Congratulations, and best of luck! I’m sure you will do great things over there as well. And, thank you for Slide to Play. It’s one of the few sites I visit on a daily basis without fail.

  4. May StP live on for the next years! :D Good luck with your new job, and it’s great to hear the project lives on :D

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