Chair Extends Infinity Blade Storyline In New Novel

Today Chair Entertainment announced even more Infinity Blade lore for fans of the first two iOS fighting games. Infinity Blade: Redemption is written by fantasy author Brandon Sanderson, who previously completed the Wheel of Time series, and it’ll be available for digital download on September 9.

According to Chair, Infinity Blade: Redemption will take place before the events of the game, explaining the origins of the powerful immortal species known as The Deathless. A preview of the book is available as an iBooks exclusive, and you can pre-order the iBook by clicking here.

Infinity Blade 1 and 2 were mainly known for their outstanding swipe-based combat, but the intriguing story was a bonus for dedicated players. You can read our review of the first Infinity Blade here, and the sequel here.


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