CGI Animated Angry Birds Movie Coming Summer 2016

You’ve probably slung a rainforest worth of Angry Birds into towers of pigs and watched them all poof out of existence together. But have you ever given a thought to the birds’ and pigs’ deeper motivations? Have you ever wondered if there’s anything more to the story aside from ‘THEM’S MY EGGS’/’NO THEY AIN’T?’ Have you ever constructed a narrative in your head while watching the birds hop willingly into the slingshot? If so, look out for the Angry Birds movie coming in the summer of 2016.

The Angry Birds movie is going to be CGI animated, and Rovio is financing its production in hopes of matching the success of Marvel Studios while maintaining creative control over its property. In fact, David Maisel, the former chairman of Marvel Studios and the executive producer of Iron Man, will be the film’s executive producer. John Cohen, the producer of Despicable Me, is likewise on board as a producer.

‘John’s an exceptionally talented producer, and we’re delighted to have him join the flock,’ stated Mikael Hed, the CEO of Rovio Entertainment. ‘With John’s hands-on producer background and David´s expertise in establishing and running his own successful studio, these two are the dream team for making a movie outside the studio system. Both professionals have the ideal skills and vision to achieve incredible things.’

Cohen likewise said that he’s excited to be on board, and admitted that he’s played countless hours of Angry Birds over the past few years, which he can now ‘justify as research for the movie.’ Does Cohen have a novel-sized stash of Angry Birds fanfic that will likewise serve as movie research? We’ll find out by 2016!

Source: GamesIndustry

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