Cave Announces Original iPhone Game Mushihimesama Bug Panic

Japanese developer Cave, continuing their tradition of giving their iPhone games completely indecipherable titles like Dodonpachi Resurrection and Espgaluda 2, has just announced a new action game called Mushihimesama Bug Panic for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Details are scarce, but we do have an introductory trailer that shows off some of the characters, set to absolutely mind-blowing J-Pop. We also have a compatibility list that shows which older devices will not run Mushihimesama, which you can view here.

At this point, we also know that Mushihimesama Bug Panic is not a port of the Match-3 game Mushihime-tama, due to a comment Cave made on Twitter. It does feature the same main character from the Xbox 360 game Mushihime-sama Futari, but will be an original iPhone game.

We’ll bring you more on this game as we find new screenshots and details. You can also check out Cave’s teaser website here.

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