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Cat Run is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cat Run Review

Cat Run is a rare cat app that appeals to both cat lovers and cat haters. People fond of felines will appreciate being able to save cats’ lives time and again in Cat Run. People who can’t stand the little fuzzballs will enjoy watching them fall into sewers, get hit by cars, and claw each ragged.

Cat Run is made up of equal parts Frogger and Flight Control. A multi-lane road bisects the screen, and your job is to help all the cats that line up on the sidewalks make it safely to the other side. To do that, you draw paths for the cats to run. The moment you lift up your finger, the cat takes off along the line you’ve drawn, hopefully weaving between cars and avoiding the other obstacles. Different breeds of cats move at different speeds, so it takes some quick thinking to guide them safely across the street, especially when traffic picks up.

Don’t you know jaywalking’s illegal in these parts?

Leave too many cats on the sidewalk and fights will break out, or a skunk will come along and hose your kitties with a green cloud of funk. Either of these means curtains for your game, as does a cat becoming roadkill, falling into a manhole, or get swiped by a tentacled beast. It can become overwhelming when more cats and cars start appearing onscreen. When your negligence inevitably leads to a cat’s demise, your score is submitted to OpenFeint leaderboards.

With so many cartoony cat games on the App Store, we’re glad to see that this one has a fairly gritty and bizarre art style. Don’t worry, though– it keeps the goofiness factor high and doesn’t show any cat brutality. The animation is great too: even though they’re small on the screen, the cats move just like the real thing. While we’re a little disappointed that only four levels are available, they’re nicely varied so none of them feel like any of the others.

We can recommend Cat Run to anyone looking for a game that’s easy to play in short bursts and offers a decent challenge. It might not be the iPhone equivalent to catnip, but it beats playing with a string.

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