Casual Devs: Apple’s Platform Management Beats Big 3 has an interesting note up from the Casual Games Conference in London that details casual developers’ positive reactions to the App Store.

The article quotes representatives from Kuju, Cobra Mobile, TAG Games and Finblade waxing lyrical about Apple’s strong support for indie developers, fast turnaround times for new games and updates, and overall inclusiveness–especially in comparison to Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. “If you work in the console space you are used to a lot more control in almost every area,” said Bad Management’s John Cook. “They aren’t trying to control the content or platform in any way, and they think choice is good. That’s a different view from every other format holder – and it’s very healthy.”

Not every developer has offered such ringing endorsements for the platform’s openness, however. For example, several large mobile games publishers have told us that Apple has forbidden them from discussing upcoming iPhone games with the press; it seems that the company’s infamous culture of secrecy is alive and well on the App Store.

It’s not all fun and games for many smaller developers, either. oeFun recently put up a blog post blasting the App Store’s “opaque” submission and support procedures, as well as its incompetent merchandising. We’ve heard similar complaints from other developers who believe that their games aren’t getting a fair shot, often because they go straight to the bulk database without ever being promoted as a new game.

Devs, what has your experience been so far? We’d like to hear about it in the comments or on the forums.

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