Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Review

Castle of Illusion isn’t Mickey Mouse’s first appearance on iOS, but fans will be glad to know that it’s a game worthy of his stature. A souped-up remake of the Sega Genesis classic, Castle of Illusion is a 2D/3D platformer that has you exploring varied environments, finding scattered collectibles, and pelting bad guys with apples. The overall experience is like playing through a Disney fairytale.

A well-acted (if long-winded) narrator keeps you up to speed on the story, which boils down to Mickey trying to rescue Minnie from a dastardly witch. To that end, you traverse all manner of environments, from spooky woods to a land of toys. The level design is great, so you’ll never have to do the same thing for long, and the boss fights are an enjoyable diversion.

The biggest complaint most gamers will have is the controls: they’re not awful, but they could be tighter. This is somewhat to be expected, seeing as the PC and console versions of the game had issues as well, but the touchscreen doesn’t help matters. Wherever you set your thumb on the left is where the analog stick appears, and you move Mickey from there. Jumping and throwing apples is done from the right side of the screen. For the most part the controls work fine, but whenever the game expands out into the third dimension, things become a little dicey.

The only other complaint we have is that the game is a little on the short side, especially considering its premium (for the App Store) price. But with production values this high, it’s easy to see why they’re asking for a little more.

Any complaints we have are dwarfed by the sheer fun and inventiveness of the game. Simply put, Castle of Illusion is a joy to play. The graphics are stunning, and the voice acting would fit right into just about any Disney movie. Whether you played the original Castle of Illusion back in the day or not, you’ll enjoy this romp through a cartoon wonderland.

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