Carnivores: Ice Age

Carnivores: Ice Age is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Carnivores: Ice Age Review

For some of us in the icy grips of winter, the release of Carnivores: Ice Age seems appropriate. This iOS remake of a PC game follows in the footsteps of Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, with all new settings and beasts.

Carnivores: Ice Age is similar to its predecessor in many ways. The story is the same: In the future, a planet is found that happens to mirror one of earth’s past periods of time, and the DinoHunt corporation buys it for your hunting pleasure. In this case, it’s a planet going through an ice age, populated with cold-climate beasts, from mammoths to wolves to smilodons. This planet offers five locations and nine of these new beasts. There is no survival mode, but the hunting mode is as multifaceted as ever.

After choosing your target animal, location, weapon, and miscellaneous features, you’re dropped into an expansive map full of life. If you use tranquilizers, you’ll keep it full of life, but if you don’t, you can stock up your trophy room.

One step closer to extinction.

While hunting, you must pay attention to the wind direction, the noises you make by crunching through the snow, and the fact that a hunter with a weapon is a frightening sight to some creatures– but an appetizing sight to others. Every animal behaves differently, and it becomes very useful to know if an animal will flee or charge when injured. A feature that we really appreciated is the ability to relocate to anywhere on the map, avoiding the need to jog endlessly across the tundra.

Our major reservation about Carnivores: Ice Age is similar to the reservation we had about its predecessor: steep difficulty and low accessibility. The game starts you out on a point system, meaning that you have to work your way up from shooting at herbivores with pistols before you can hunt more dangerous game.

Sadly, the points accrue very slowly, and hunting requires great patience and strategy. This prevents the game from being easy to pick up and play however you’d like.

For the committed mammoth hunter, Carnivores: Ice Age offers a pretty good experience. It offers a fresh (and freezing) take on the series.

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