Capcom Signs Up For OpenFeint

Though many had assumed Apple Game Center’s forthcoming debut would end the iPhone’s currently existing online networks, Aurora Feint’s OpenFeint shows no sign of stopping, this week announcing a match-up with publishing heavyweight Capcom.

As a result, OpenFeint has been worked into two recent Capcom releases on the App Store, Dark Void Zero and Hatchlings, with leaderboards and achievements both making the leap.

Capcom’s support is being trumpeted as a major coup for OpenFeint, with Aurora Feint CEO and founder Jason Citron claiming the firm is excited to be working with such a major player.

OpenFeint achievements for Dark Void Zero.

Citron said in a press release, “Dark Void Zero and Hatchlings are great online games and we look forward to working with great publishers and developers like Capcom in the future to integrate key components of our OpenFeint X platform social gaming services like virtual goods.”

It’s still not known exactly just what effect Apple Game Center will have on businesses such as OpenFeint– though all the major networks, from Plus+ to Scoreloop, were keen to give Apple’s announcement a positive reaction at the time– but Capcom clearly believes there is value in working with Aurora Feint’s platform for the time being.

“Capcom Interactive has been evaluating the online mobile gaming space for quite some time now and we think that OpenFeint has a great social games platform,” said Capcom’s Head of Americas and EMEA, Manabu Seko.

“We look forward to taking advantage of OpenFeint’s social, gaming and marketing features to reach their 21 million players.”

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