Canabalt Developer Working on Hunger Games iOS Title

Adam Saltsman, the maker of Canabalt and Gravity Hook, announced on his blog yesterday that he’s currently working with Lionsgate Films on his next iOS game, The Hunger Games: Girl On Fire. The game will be released close to when the movie hits theaters, which is March 23.

Both the game and the movie are based on the first book of the popular trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The book tells the story of a girl named Katness Everdeen who takes part in a deadly reality show in a post-apocalyptic world.

Describing the The Hunger Games: Girl On Fire on his blog, Saltsman says that, like Canabalt, “it does feature a running character, but the focus of the game is more on marksmanship and strategy… It’s a small idea, but a tight one too. Almost like a teaser game, in the same way there are teaser trailers.”

According to the game’s Facebook page, you’ll control Katniss as she tries to escape the pursuit of Capitol-engineered tracker jackers. “Defend Katniss from her attackers with her hunting bow. Leap through treetops with intuitive touch controls. Help Katniss make her way back to District 12!”

If you’re a Hunger Games or Canabalt fan, be sure to read the full blog post for details on how the game came to be and who Saltsman is collaborating with to make it.

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