Cakes In The Shape Of Your Favorite Apps

Combining two of our great loves in life, cakes and videogames, we proudly present an appetizing collection of App Cakes. The Great App Bake-Off, as it’s called, is offering prizes to any gamer who makes their own App Cake creation and sends in a photo. Read on for details and pictures!

Fan cake for Totemo.

We’re told that so far most of the entries are from developers, but they’re looking for fan-made submissions to win a bevy of prizes, including iTunes gift cards and game codes.

The deadline has been extended by another week. Your new deadline is Monday, January 11 and you can read the full rules for entry here.

We expect to see our readers try to win this contest, so fire up those ovens and get frosting!

Developer cake for Elf Command.

Developer cake from the maker of OfficeWars

Developer cake for Earth vs Moon.

Developer cake for QuizQuizQuiz Xmas

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