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Cake Mania Celebrity Chef is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cake Mania Celebrity Chef Hands-On

She’s BAAAAAA-ACK! Jill Evans, pastry prodigy and plucky heroine of the Cake Mania series, is returning to the iPhone for Cake Mania Celebrity Chef. We got our hands floured up with a near-final build of the game at Casual Connect.

In Cake Mania 3, we followed Jill on a cosmic journey through time and space, helping her serve a seriously strange collection of customers, including dinosaurs, wizards, and pharaohs. It doesn’t get any zanier than that… unless you count reality TV, of course. That’s exactly where Jill’s headed in Celebrity Chef, where she will try to climb to the top of the cake-baking heap in front of a worldwide audience.

Cake Mania Celebrity Chef follows the same basic time management recipe as the previous games. As usual, Jill’s behind her bakery counter, dashing from oven to froster to customer to keep the business flowing in. As you get further and further into the game, the customers become ever less reasonable, demanding faster service and making more complex orders.

The guy in the lion suit looks pissed!

There are two big changes of note for cake maniacs this time around. First, the graphics have been completely redone in a more realistic style. The boldly clashing colors, fever-dream customers, and bizarre venues of Cake Mania 3 are gone, replaced by more proportional-looking human beings and real-world locations (Hollywood, Moscow, and so on). Some of your customers may still dress up in animal costumes, but their money’s as good as anyone else’s.

Secondly, Cake Mania Celebrity Chef comes with three new arcade minigames to provide respite from the daily grind. For example, we tried our hand at a cake-stacking tilt game where pastries fall from the top of the screen, piling up into the mother of all cakes. It starts to get pretty unstable a dozen or so cakes up.

Cake Mania Celebrity Chef should be out in the near future, and we’ll be taking a look through our reviewer’s lens at that time.

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