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Cado Review

Cado is a simple game with a simple premise: there is a portal, and what looks like a black eyeball (aka ‘Cado’). Your objective is to safely get Cado into the portal to complete the stage. And if you can pick up a few bonus points along the way, so much the better.

Of course, completing the objective is easier said than done; it requires that you tilt the entire stage in order to move Cado in the direction it needs to go. But don’t spin it too quickly, or let your black eyeball lose control, or else it will be hurled off into some offscreen oblivion. Plus, as you go along, you are introduced into eyeball-destroying obstacles such as red spikes.

And that is the basic gist of Cado.

Unfortunately, however, the controls take a bit of getting used to. In a game like this, you might expect something slightly more intuitive than what is provided, such as tilt controls, or perhaps using your finger to move the stage by touching a point and dragging it. Instead, to turn the stage you are given two arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen, one pointing left and the other pointing right.

Doodle doodle doodle.

Even then, it feels a little off at first, as we expected the stage to turn in the opposite direction of what the arrows actually did. And despite the presence of an options menu, there is no option to change the controls to your liking.

Despite all of the above, it’s not really a terrible mark against the game. Instead, it simply requires just a smidge of patience and a little bit of getting used to. Once your brain clicks with how the controls work, it all becomes a simple matter of using that newfound intuition to navigate the game’s clever and sometimes frustrating courses.

The game certainly has charm, though it feels almost as though it falls short of its potential in terms of visual design. Not that the graphics are bad, but they simply use that “doodle” look, or “lines on school paper” design, which is employed by so many other iPhone titles. As such, the graphics are functional, but seem a touch lacking in imagination and fail to really stand out among other iPhone games.

Cado is a fun and mildly addictive game, though when you hit a puzzle you just can’t seem to pass, interest can fade pretty quickly.

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