Buster Boy

Buster Boy is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Buster Boy First Look

New York City-based Yotta Digital’s new game, Buster Boy, just hit the App Store for 99 cents. Buster Boy is a solid-looking remake of the classic Capcom arcade game Buster Bros, which we spent many a quarter on back in the day.

Buster Boy is a kid equipped with a spring-loaded spear and a burning hatred of giant balloons. The idea is to bust the bouncing balloons down to size by running underneath them and shooting them with the spear, splitting them in half. Eventually, they’ll bifurcate all the way down to nothing (or individual atoms, we suppose), winning you the level.

A buck for unlimited, portable Buster Bros sounds like a sweet deal to us, especially since Yotta Digital put some extra effort into the game’s production values.

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