Burn the Rope

Burn the Rope is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Burn the Rope Review

Ropes seem to get a raw deal in videogames. Whether it’s getting burnt, cut, or abused in some other fashion, there is never any peace for these poor wraps of twine. Burn the Rope isn’t any different, as the title explicitly states.

Burn the Rope’s game mechanic involves flaming rope patterns. Your job is to turn the iPhone so that the fires are always burning upwards. Each time two paths of rope intersect, both will begin to burn and you’ll need to manipulate the phone so that neither flame is left facing downwards for too long (or you can let one burn out, although that is never a good idea). You must get at least a bronze medal to progress to the next level.

This cow wasn’t up to the challenge.

What makes Burn the Rope super-challenging, however, is going for gold medals. To achieve this on most levels you’ll need to set fire to all the bugs on the screen. Torching bugs has various effects on the gameplay: Ants change your flame’s color, while spiders create webs attaching unlinked rope. While bronze medals are pretty simple to earn once you get the hang of it, obtaining silver and gold medals on each of the 80 levels will take insane skill and patience.

One problem with the gameplay is that it’s often hard to see whether the fire has reached a corner. We can’t count how many times we turned the phone expecting to have cleared a corner, and then noticed there was a super-tiny piece of rope left, and lost the game due to a burnt out flame. A more generous turning radius would be greatly appreciated considering how difficult the game already is.

Otherwise, Burn the Rope is a puzzle game for those with patience and willingness to take up a challenge. Being mean to ropes is rarely so much fun.

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