Bumpy Road Hands-On Preview

Simogo, who charmed us late last year with the dizzying Kosmo Spin, have a new game in the works called Bumpy Road. We’re definitely starting to notice a pattern with these guys, because like Kosmo Spin, Bumpy Road has a simple and original gameplay mechanic combined with gorgeous artwork.

You play as a couple of dapper gents out for a drive on what appear to be Paris streets in the early 1900s. Though the screen automatically scrolls slowly, you can move the car back and forth by pressing anywhere on the ground, causing a bump to rise out of the ground. Sliding the bump around will move your car left and right, and tapping underneath the car will make it jump.

Your goal is to get a high score by collecting doodads– car parts like batteries, gears, and sparkplugs. If you fall into a pit or don’t pick up enough doodads, it’s game over. But if you fill up a meter at the top with doodads, you’ll go into an old-timey movie mode, where you can collect extra points without worrying about pits.

Though it’s a simple concept, Bumpy Road has a great deal of charm. Besides the beautiful backdrops, we especially enjoyed the piano sounds every time we swiped along the bottom of the screen, turning the road into a keyboard.

Our preview build only had one high-score mode, but the full game will come with a second mode called Sunday Drive. Bumpy Road doesn’t seem to contain any individual challenges like in Kosmo Spin, but hopefully the two high score modes will be different enough that we won’t notice the lack of challenges. Bumpy Road should be heading to the App Store soon.

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