Bumps is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Bumps Review

For a physics game, the physics in Bumps aren’t very impressive. Along with levels that each have similar structure, Bumps isn’t a very strong buy.

In each level, you place a cute critter known as a bump anywhere on the screen, press a button, and watch them fall. The goal is to have each bump collect all the keys of the same color in order to free the trapped bumps. You’ll also need to use springs, ramps, and other bumps to get them around.

Many levels in Bumps are too similar in design. For example, you’ll often need to place bumps on top of each other so they hit a spring in the right order, or nudge a big bump to get it to roll through keys. The puzzles don’t vary too much from here.

Bit of a bumpy road.

In a departure from similar puzzle games, the physics of Bumps seem unpredictable. Bumps may move in slightly different directions when dropped from the same place in succession. This puts an element of luck into the formula that shouldn’t be a part of any physics-based game.

On top of that, the controls aren’t very exact. Bumps will not always register your touch, causing a good deal of frustration. We’d also prefer if there was an option to see where you dropped the bumps on your last attempt.

Bumps does include some nice unlockable minigames, which add a bit of extra value to the package. These include air hockey and brick breaker (both of which have single-device multiplayer), pinball, and a tilt-based alien shooting gallery. Even in these minigames, the physics aren’t great, but we certainly appreciate the developers giving customers an extra little treat.

At best, Bumps is barely passable. Though its characters are cute, it isn’t very interesting and is marred by an unreliable physics engine.

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