BulletFlight Blows Other iPhone Apps Away

Here at STP, we like to remind ourselves (and you) every once in a while that the iPhone is good for more than fun and games. In fact, some of the stuff on the App Store is serious–deadly serious, in the case of BulletFlight.

BulletFlight turns an iPhone into a full-fledged ballistics computer for helping snipers take the best possible shot. It takes in data on wind speed and direction, ammo type, and sight distance, and outputs info on how to compensate to hit the target. The software supports three popular sniper rifle models, and allows users to input their own rifle profiles as well.

If stuff like this doesn’t prove that the iPhone is now the world’s most popular and versatile handheld computing device, we don’t know what does. We can only imagine what’s next–a bomb defusing aid?

[from telegraph.co.uk]

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