Bullet Time Hands-On Preview

Kiloo Games, who created the surprisingly fun freemium game Frisbee Forever, have a new concept in the works called Bullet Time. Imagine Bullet Time as a combination of Minigore and Dungeon Hunter— it’s a twin-stick shooter with detailed environments, a customizable character who levels up over time, and online multiplayer through Game Center.

Bullet Time is set in an apocalyptic wasteland, with a slight Western feel. You play as John Irish, a man on a quest to locate his missing family. The devastated desert towns that you ramble through early on in the game are practically abandoned, except for the roving gangs of mutants.

As you move through each environment, which are decorated with hanging skeletons, rusted tin shanties, and other eerie details, you’ll encounter waves of enemies. Some of these are mutants with knives for arms, who rush at you quickly, and others are packing heavy weapons. You can shoot back using typical twin-stick controls– one stick moves John, while the other aims his pistols.

When you’ve defeated an enemy, they’ll drop silver, which can be used to buy more power-ups like extra health. You’ll also find crystals, which are the rarer premium currency that can be used to unlock high-end weapons. Naturally, you can buy extra crystals as an in-app purchase.

Even better than Bullet Time’s well-balanced action is the game’s RPG-like leveling system. You’ll be able to customize John as you progress through the game, equipping him with new gear like Desperado pants, gas masks, and commando armor. You’ll have to be at a high enough level to equip some of the more powerful gear.

Finally, the feature we’re most interested in is the game’s online cooperative multiplayer. We weren’t able to try it out during our hands-on preview, but the single-player gameplay looks like it’d benefit greatly from a live companion. Collecting silver to buy new gear seems like a great reason to regularly team up with a friend.

Bullet Time has a lot of fascinating features. We’re excited about the combination of twin-stick shooting and RPG-like elements, and the online multiplayer sounds great, too. We’re not sure yet if it’ll be a free game like Frisbee Forever or a paid download, but you can find Bullet Time on the App Store in mid-November.

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