BulkyPix’s Upcoming Games Hands-On Preview

We met up with BulkyPix at GDC yesterday, and they offered us hands-on time with a number of their upcoming games. All of these games are universal app and will cost money to buy– however, they’ll also offer in-app purchases for things like extra power-ups to supplement the games. Read on for details!


Lightopus has an appealing neon art style, a simple set of controls, and mellow music that all adds up to a laid-back gameplay experience. You play as a lightopus, a two-tentacled creature who gently glides around collecting things neon shapes scattered throughout the environment. Enemies chase after you, but with a gesture you can whack them with your two trailing tentacles. The game contains several bosses we didn’t get to see, as well as power-ups that let you do things like freeze or electrify enemies. It releases on Thursday of this week and will cost $2.99.

Kung-Fu Rabbit

Kung-Fu Rabbit is a fairly standard platformer, but it seems to be particularly well-crafted. Like in most bare-bones platformers, your basic move-set only lets you run, jump, and wall-jump. The side-scrolling environments give you plenty of walls and pits to navigate, along with tons of shadowy enemies to kill by bashing into their weak blue spots. With 70 levels and slowly-increasing difficulty, it looks like this game will keep you busy for a while, particularly if you want to collect all of the carrots scattered throughout the levels. It even supports AirPlay, so you can play the game on your television if you have an Apple TV. Kung-Fu Rabbit will be available on March 15 for $0.99.

Saving Private Sheep 2

In this sequel to the popular (and excellent) Saving Private Sheep, you use an Angry Birds-like control mechanic to help sheep fling hedgehogs at villainous foxes. But unlike in Angry Birds, you’ll often have to toss the hedgehog to other sheep spaced throughout the level in order to bash the carnivore. It plays as ridiculously as it sounds, but we had a lot of fun ricocheting the hedgehog around the level, and collecting the coins scattered throughout. One big addition they’ve included is level-building mechanic that lets you create and share your own levels. You’ll also be able to rate the user-created levels you download, so the best of the bunch will rise to the top. Saving Private Sheep 2 will be available this April for $0.99.

Aby Escape

Aby Escape bears more than a passing resemblance to Temple Run, but the rep we spoke to was quick to mention that development on Aby Escape had started before Temple Run came out. Sounds fishy, but let’s move on. In Aby Escape you play as a raccoon who’s being chased by various groups of enemies. In the level we played, our hero had accidentally knocked over a long line of parked motorcycles, causing the leather-clad bike owners to give chase. So you run down a straight path, tilting your device to dodge environmental obstacles, and swiping up or down to jump or slide. To maintain your forward momentum you have to collect running shoes that are conveniently placed in your path. There’s a story mode with levels, and an endless mode for high scores. Aby Escape will be released in the coming months.

Gnu Revenge

Gnu Revenge is a game set in outer space, and you control a rocket-propelled gnu by tapping a button to give him acceleration boosts. You steer him through each level by guiding him close enough to planets that he can use their gravity to change direction. It’s not an original gameplay concept, but it is pleasantly bizarre and extremely challenging, which will appeal to some masochistic gamers. The goal of each level, of course, is to bash into a space crocodile.

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