Buck and the Coin of Destiny

Buck and the Coin of Destiny is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Buck and the Coin of Destiny Review

Whether you like GameStop or not, there’s no denying that Buck, the company’s mascot for their used game program, is a riot. Every commercial he’s starred in features the crude rabbit swearing as a hilarious obstruction from another game blocks his progress through a platformer level. Buck and the Coin of Destiny builds off this concept with a side-scrolling running game that offers quality gameplay and plenty of humor.

To play the game, all you have to do is tap the screen to make Buck jump. He can also double-jump if necessary. He must stay out of harm’s way and bop on enemies to kill them as well as collect coins for higher scores. There are five different environments to run through, each with unique enemies, obstacles, and different skins for the invincibility power-up.

Indiana Buck and the Temple of Coins.

Two modes are available: arcade, which is a randomly generated endless mode for all five environments, and story. Story mode is a whimsical run through all five environments, with hilarious cutscenes in-between filled with gaming meta-humor. There are three different difficulty levels for the story, although the real replay value lies in the endless arcade mode.

One thing missing from Buck and the Coin of Destiny are online leaderboards. The app description states that GameCenter and OpenFeint support are on their way, so hopefully this will be remedied soon.

However, for $0.99 this game is full of laughs and solid fun. Hopefully GameStop will continue to push Buck into the iPhone gaming spotlight.

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