Brydge Adds Full-Sized Keyboard and Stereo Speakers to the iPad

Getting lots of attention on Kickstarter, Brydge is an accessory that offers protection and a full-sized keyboard for the Apple iPad. The base model is made from machined aluminum. A more expensive model adds stereo speakers to the mix. Both make for a package that’s smaller than the MacBook Air, but with the convenience of detachability. Check out a video of Brydge below.

Backing for Brydge starts at $150, which nets you a unit without speakers. Donating $9,120 gets you 80 units in retail packaging, which is 40 percent off the Kickstarter price, which the creators say is already lower than the retail price.

The product looks stylish, the materials seem high-quality, and the construction appears sturdy. As of this writing, Brydge is more than 1/3 of the way to its $33,717 goal with 39 days left to go.

Any of you interested in backing Brydge?

[Via: Kickstarter]

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