Bruce Lee: Dragon Warrior Announced for iPhone

Following immediately on the heels of the bombshell announcement of Street Fighter 4 coming to iPhone, we’re getting news that a new fighting game based on the ultimate martial arts film star, Bruce Lee, is also coming soon.

Digital Legends isn’t stopping at the 2.5D (3D characters on a 2D plane) fighting engine supported by SF4, though. They’ve announced that the game will be a fully three-dimensional fighter.

They’ve even released video of the fighter in action, and what we can see so far seems pretty promising. The animations are very smooth, and the graphics are great for a 3D game. Of course, what matters most is the fluidity of gameplay, and the depth of the fighting engine, and we won’t know anything about that until we’re able to get our hands on it personally.

However, it’s very encouraging to hear that the game just recently won the People’s Choice Award at the International Mobile Gaming Awards, so those who have gotten their hands on it so far must be loving it. At the very least it’s comforting to know that the king of Jeet Kune Do will be getting a proper video gaming representation after the awful attempt at a console game.

[via Pocket Gamer]

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