Bring Me Sandwiches!!

Bring Me Sandwiches!! is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Bring Me Sandwiches Review

Sandwiches are beautiful, sandwiches are fine. Sandwiches are also the favored food of alien invaders, or so Bring Me Sandwiches would have us believe.

Bring Me Sandwiches is another game from Adult Swim. Yes, the same Adult Swim that brought you the soul-healing majesty of Robot Unicorn Attack, the greatest “Run Forever” iOS game of all time (or at least the one with the best soundtrack). Even though Bring Me Sandwiches won’t let you run with dolphins or make all your wishes come true, it’s a fun 2D adventure that takes an idea or three from the Katamari Damacy series. At the same time, Bring Me Sandwiches boasts its own flavor.

The game begins with Earth’s invasion by a very hungry alien blob. The unfortunate ambassador of humankind’s first contact with an E.T. is Jimmy Nugget, a trembling teen who’s on the very bottom of the fast food chain. The alien has one demand: “Bring Me Sandwiches!” The alternative? The alien pulls a Unicron and scarfs down the entire planet.

The fate of the world hangs on… this kid.

Jimmy jogs through each level with a small piece of bread on which he stacks several edibles–though while playing, you have to keep in mind that aliens have less refined palettes than ourselves. Earth’s new buddy will eat literally anything Jimmy serves up, and that includes a sandwich made out of meat, cheese, hard-hats, crates, bottles of pop, apples, and even kitty-cats who are unfortunate enough to get in Jimmy’s way. Running into a usable ingredient will automatically stack it on the sandwich, and once the dish is 100% complete (or beyond), Jimmy feeds it to the chunky alien overlord.

But the alien’s appetite is not easily sated, and before long, he starts making detailed demands, like being fed sandwiches that contain a certain amount of a specific ingredient. In some levels, he’ll command Jimmy to make subsequently bigger and bigger sandwiches, which is especially fun because you might end up with a car, hippie, and hot dog cart sammich. Eat that, peanut butter and jam.

True to many games that require you to stick a bunch of stuff together (again, think Katamari), Bring Me Sandwiches is a lot of fun to run through. Perhaps there’s a tiny gland in our reptile brain that enjoys stacking stuff up. If there is, Bring Me Sandwiches makes it sing.

Cats make the best condiments.

The game is also easy to progress through. Beyond getting 100% on your sandwich, you don’t have to meet specific requirements to complete a level. If you want to move on, you can move on. If you want to re-do a level to better your score or collect bonus items, you’re welcome to do that, too.

It’s nice to have the option to leave a level behind, because there is some light platforming in Bring Me Sandwiches that gets a bit frustrating once in a while. There are three modes of control that can be switched on the fly (tilt, slide, and a virtual control pad), but with each option, you’ll encounter a moment or two where the controls just call it quits and dump you off a ledge, costing you energy and sandwich ingredients.

Bring Me Sandwiches is best sampled in small bites. The gameplay, though fun, is admittedly shallow and you’ll get tired of it inside of an hour (minus the game’s long load times). However, it’s a game you’ll definitely be inspired to re-visit. Just don’t sample your own sandwiches, as crate wood is murder on the digestive system.

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