Bravo Force: Last Stand

Bravo Force: Last Stand is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Bravo Force: Last Stand Review

High-score games are fun because they’re challenging. The best of them get you and your friends battling against one another for the bragging rights of being the best. They’re stamina games, meant to push you until you break. Bravo Force: Last Stand takes these ideas and integrates them with Facebook, creating a social media gaming experience.

Bravo Force: Last Stand is very simple. You are the last remaining member of your unit, and you must defend yourself for as long as possible against enemy combatants. You have three firearms: a pistol, a machine gun, and an RPG, as well as a stockpile of grenades. Aside from your pistol, your ammo is limited. Enemies come at you in waves, and you must eliminate them to move forward.

The game uses a basic cover system. To jump up out of cover, you tap and hold the action button in the bottom left corner. To avoid duck back behind cover or reload your weapon, you release the button. Besides this, your soldier does not move. You’re positioned in one fixed location during each wave.

Fire at will.

Controlling your soldier requires various taps and flicks on the screen. Tap an enemy to shoot him, and tap his head for a headshot and additional points. To throw a grenade, you flick from the bottom on the screen towards the area where you want the explosive to land. This is usually imprecise, but the explosion often gets an enemy or two anyway. You even have environmental hazards, like explosive barrels, to shoot and cause splash damage.

As the waves progress, so does the difficulty. Enemies in the beginning are few and only carry basic weapons. Once you defeat those, you’ll face snipers, bazooka-wielding soldiers, and enemies behind armored turrets. Every tenth wave is a boss encounter, like a tank. You will need to use your heavy weaponry to take these out.

Even though your ammo is limited, you can buy additional perks to help you out. Completing each wave earns you points, which can buy you advantages like additional ammo, body armor, or even air support. This game is heavily integrated into Facebook, allowing you to log in with your account to earn even more points or prizes. For instance, you can send your Facebook friends gifts to aid them in their Bravo Force game, and vice versa.


Bravo Force also uses a Call of Duty-style leveling system. You level up based on your performance in the game, as well as by completing tasks. For instance, if you shoot 20 enemies with your pistol or unload an entire clip from your machine gun, you complete a task. Completed tasks are replaced by new ones and increase your rank in the game. Rank appears to have no actual advantage in the game itself. It’s solely for the purpose of comparing with your friends.

Besides this, there is very little to the game. Once you take away the social media portions, it’s nothing more than a high-score shooting game. Since there is only one environment, and very few positions for you to attack from, the game gets repetitive very quickly. You will face the same enemies in the same order every time, and with no choice of your main weapons, it’s generally the same experience over and over again.

Though the Facebook integration creates a community and sense of competition between friends, playing Bravo Force over time starts to feel like a chore. Your only way to make the game different each time is to purchase different perks, but the environment and the enemies will remain the same regardless.

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