Brainsss Hands-On Preview

Zombies can take a lot of punishment, but they do have their drawbacks. Namely, they’re unorganized. In Brainsss, you get to play as the brains of the zombie organization, guiding hordes of undead through the streets to claim victims as they try to run away.

Brainsss plays out a bit like Pac-Man, but with you as the ghosts. Each level, whether it’s a park, neighborhood, or jailhouse, is shaped like a maze. You control a pack of zombies, which move slowly, but can convert humans into additional zombies.

You can select zombies with a swipe on the screen, and tap to send them to a location. With multiple groups of zombies, you can surround humans, cut off their escape routes, and happily munch on their brains.

Your goal is to convert all the humans within a time limit, and doing so earns you extra in-game currency that you can use to unlock power-ups. One bonus that you’ll earn for free is Rage, which turns your zombies from the shambling Night of the Living Dead variety to the faster 28 Days Later sprinters. When you’re trying to get the drop on tougher humans, like the pistol-packing cops, sneakier, faster, and stronger zombie armies are a must.

We enjoyed the peaceful, idyllic environments and soundtrack in Brainsss, which are surprisingly soothing for a horror-themed game. The characters are like cute little Playmobil toys, not gory monsters, and each set of levels ends with an endearing zombie-themed comic strip.

The build of Brainsss that we’ve been playing isn’t final– we’re told it still has a few minor bugs– but it’s still a lot of fun. If you’ve enjoyed other games where the zombies are the heroes, like Infect Them All or Stubbs the Zombie, check out Brainsss when it launches on the App Store later this month.

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