Borderlands Legends Coming to iOS

Borderlands is coming to iOS, which proves once and for all that there just ain’t no rest for the wicked. The game, titled Borderland Legends, features a top-down view of the action while the original four vault hunters– Lilith, Brick, Roland, and Mordecai– blow away bad guys.

Even though it offers a new perspective of the battlefield, Borderland Legends should feel like coming home for fans of the series. Details on Legends are a little scarce at this time, but we know there’s plenty of running, gunning, looting, and skill management. In fact, you get to control all four vault hunters simultaneously, which lets you coordinate their skills to unleash powerful attacks.

Entertainment Weekly got to spend a little time with the game. The site’s preview confirms the presence of familiar classes of bad dudes that just need a hug, including Crimson Lance, Skags, Bandits, and Spider Ants. The gameplay reportedly consists of randomized objective-based missions, and the enemy difficulty climbs as the player levels up.

There are also gigantic bosses to beat, but players can take advantage of the previous games’ ‘second wind’ feature that lets them stagger back onto their feet if they manage to get in a good hit while teetering on the edge of death. Borderland Legends offers a new ‘cover’ feature, which is a big help for taking down bosses strategically.

Suitably, Borderlands Legends hits the App Store on October 31. The iPhone version will go for $4.99 USD, and the iPad version will cost $6.99 USD.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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