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Bop It! Review

When it comes to reaction games, one comes to mind before any other: Bop It! These toys require you to quickly and correctly perform whatever action you’re told, and they’re fond childhood memories for many. However, one of the physical game’s issues was that it wore out over time. This might be a good reason to own a digital remake for your iPhone, but do the touchscreen controls allow for quick enough response times?

For the most part, yes. You can interact with each of the 12 ‘Bopjects’ by using a touch gesture. The gestures are quite intuitive and all of the Bopjects can be demoed on the help screen. While you start with only three Bopjects, more can be unlocked by playing the single-player modes.

Many of the Bopjects can alternatively be triggered through motion controls. Triggering a Bopject in this way awards bonus points. However, there are two issues here. First, many of the motions are the same, or too similar to distinguish. Second, many times our motions wouldn’t register. Despite the lure of bonus points, we ultimately decided to ignore these.

A catalog of wacky accessories.

One interesting alternative trigger for a Bopject is saying ‘yeah’ for the command “Shout It”. This actually worked quite well, and it suits the action more than simply tapping the microphone on the screen.

You can choose to receive your commands through voice, sounds, or onscreen text. There is also incredibly annoying banter at the end of each game that you’ll quickly want to turn off in the settings.

Four varied game modes are available in Bop It. Classic mode contains just the three actions available on the original Bop It toys: Bop It, Twist It, and Pull It. Basic mode adds in a rhythm element where completing an action on a downbeat awards bonus points. It also puts only one Bopject on the screen at a time, making it ideal for beginners. Extreme mode is much like basic mode, except that it puts six Bopjects on the screen at once. Lastly, Blitz challenges you to complete 20 actions as quickly as possible. In this mode, mistakes only slow you down and don’t end the game.

New school may be cool but there ain’t nothing like the classics.

Multiplayer is also available with variations on basic, extreme, and blitz modes. Here, you’ll pass the device between players when prompted. There is also Head 2 Head, where players try to complete actions first in a race for seven points.

Local, global, and Facebook leaderboards are all available. There are also a variety of achievements to unlock, although sadly none of them can be shown off to friends, as Bop It doesn’t have Game Center integration.

Playing Bop It on a touchscreen has a very different feel than the physical toy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. If you fondly remember the original, you won’t be disappointed with this iPhone version.

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