Bombshells: Hell’s Belles Hands-On Preview

Gun Bros redefined freemium gaming on the App Store. Before that, most free-to-play games were boring old farming sims, but Gun Bros was action-packed, with a dual-stick shooter interface. Now, the Gun Bros universe is expanding with the addition of the Bombshells, the female pilots who appeared in Gun Bros’ loading screens.

Bombshells: Hell’s Belles lets you take the fight to T.O.O.L. in the air instead of on land. You’ll be able to equip your plane with some of the outlandish weaponry from Gun Bros, like the triple-decker minigun. We might even see the holiday-themed Turducken launcher included in the final game.

The flying controls are fairly basic– you can tilt to steer, and swipe on the screen to perform barrel rolls and loops. You’ve got onscreen buttons for accelerating and decelerating, plus missiles and machine guns.

As you tear through T.O.O.L.’s air defenses, you’ll receive random drops of loot. These can include new guns or perks, and if you don’t want to just grind through the game looking for better equipment, you can always resort to in-app purchases.

The biggest draw for Bombshells will probably be the online multiplayer. Up to four players can fly in dogfight deathmatches, or fight cooperatively against the forces of T.O.O.L. If you don’t have any friends or if Game Center is deserted, you can hire one AI wingman to fly with you into battle.

Like several of Glu’s other upcoming freemium games, Bombshells: Hell’s Belles is available on the Canadian App Store for network stress testing before it’s ready to be released worldwide. The characters and story aren’t finalized, and neither is the arsenal, but if you have access to the Canadian App Store, you should check it out for yourself. Bombshells will be released worldwide in about 2-3 months.

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