Bloodmasque Hands-On Preview

Amazing games like Chaos Rings and Song Summoner prove that when Square Enix puts their minds to developing a role-playing game for mobile devices, fans have reason to get excited. Bloodmasque is next in line, and it places you in the role of a vampire slayer traversing 19th century Paris. While story is always a key feature of RPGs, Bloodmasque’s big hook is letting you become a key figure in the story, literally.


The first thing you’re prompted to do upon starting your campaign in Bloodmasque is to take a photo of yourself. After your face is scanned, you can apply your face to a number of body types, skin colors, and hairstyles. The effect is hilarious, but relevant. I imagine more than a few people rename lead heroes after themselves in games like these.

Using the Unreal Engine, which powered Infinity Blade, the game’s character models and surrounding environments look fantastic with an “Interview With A Vampire” vibe going on.


Speaking of Infinity Blade, the combat in Bloodmasque tips its cap to Epic’s smash hit. Your main character fights in a zoomed-in, third-person view just like Infinity Blade. The main difference is that dodging attacks actually moves your character around in a 360 degree plane, and you’re not in a stationary position for long. Attacking the undead with taps and pokes, you can perform a stab through the heart by triggering a quick-time event. The action flows smooth, and again, the Unreal Engine is flexing its muscle impressively.


The producers from Square Enix were very adamant that this is a proper RPG with exploration, conversations, and leveling up abilities. Bloodmasque has about 10-15 hours of gameplay, and will come in at a premium price point, while also allowing for in-app purchases. The game arrives on iOS and Android this summer, so we’ll stay tuned to see whether Bloodmasque fulfills its exciting promise.

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