Blood Beach

Blood Beach is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Blood Beach Hands-On Preview

There’s something awfully sad about your virtual mother receiving a telegram from the Secretary of War, informing her that you’ve been declared missing in action. But such is the frequent fate of your soldier in Blood Beach. It’s not about winning, or even surviving, it’s just about taking out as many enemies as you can.

Blood Beach is a first-person, stationary shooter where you swing a giant machine gun around in a sandbagged nest on a beach in the Solomon Islands, aiming it towards oncoming Japanese planes, boats, tanks, and infantry. Eventually you will run out of ammunition or be blasted to death, so the best you can do is be careful with your shots, zoom in for accuracy, and hope that when the end comes, you’ll have a high score your nation can be proud of.

We had a good time lining up shots and rat-a-tatting our way through the levels. Aiming requires intense concentration and fine control of the virtual joystick (there are no tilt controls, unfortunately). Every few levels you’ll receive a new gun, like a Thompson submachine gun, or a crate of grenades.

The music and sound effects in Blood Beach are especially good, from the ping of your bullets hitting an oncoming plane to the screams of soldiers on a downed troop transport. We think this high-score shooter could be worth your attention, if it comes out at a low price and you don’t go in expecting a huge amount of variety. Blood Beach has already been submitted, so it should be out within the next few weeks.

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