Blocks Mania

Blocks Mania is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Blocks Mania Premium Review

Blocks Mania Premium is a brick-flinging puzzle game that starts out simple, ends up complex, and eases you through the transition so gently that you’ll hardly notice it happen. The game won’t win any awards for originality (in fact, Finger Stone is identical in terms of gameplay), but this crafty puzzler has a lot going for it anyway.

In the game you control a grumpy block that can glide across the screen with ease, but has a difficult time stopping. The only way to bring this hunk of clay to a halt is to smash it into something. The idea is to fling the block to the exit without letting it hit something nasty or fly off the edge of the screen. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can pick up the collectible stars en route and escape in as few moves as possible. If you miss a star or two the first time, you can replay any level to collect the ones you missed.

A chip off the old block.

The controls are perfectly intuitive: just swipe the direction you want to fling the block. Also cool are the many gameplay elements that are added as you progress through the game’s 60 levels. You’ll encounter tunnels, corners, fireball powerups, one-way blocks, teleporters, and keys and gates, to name a few. These elements are added slowly, so it never feels overwhelming.

On the other hand, the graphics look dated by about 15 years, and the game suffers from a surplus of bugs. Too many times during our play-through the game froze or outright crashed.

But for all that, Blocks Mania Premium is a smart, well-designed puzzler that’s easy to pick up and fun to play, either in short bursts or in one big marathon. Puzzle fans who aren’t blockheads might want to give it a look.

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