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Block Ops is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Block Ops Review

In Block Ops, your job is to perform military operations in environments that look like they were made in Minecraft. It’s a first-person shooter that has you gun down enemies as you go from checkpoint to checkpoint, stopping terrorist plots and foiling enemy plans in the process. On paper it sounds like a clever idea, kind of like an unofficial Lego Call of Duty. In actuality, it’s just another bad game.

This will come as no surprise if you’re familiar with developer Rory Harvey’s other games, including Slender-Man, which is one of the worst games we’ve ever played on iOS. To be fair, Block Ops is leaps and bounds better than Slender-Man, but it’s still a sorry excuse for an iOS game, and not something that anyone should bother buying or playing.

Not exactly Dust2.

In all of Block Ops, you only encounter two types of enemies: turban-wearing terrorists, and military men who look identical to your fellow teammates. Both enemy types act exactly the same, which is to say that they stand completely still and only fire at you when you come within a certain distance of them. For some reason, your bullets travel much farther and more accurately than theirs do, making the game extremely easy. Even if you do get close to a bad guy, you can take quite a few bullets before dying.

In case the bizarrely underpowered enemies don’t make the game easy enough for you, you also have unlimited bullets and never have to reload. It almost goes without saying that you only have access to one weapon for each level, and that there are no power-ups, grenades, melee weapons, or upgrades of any kind.

Villains in the distance.

Nor does the game last long. Each level only takes a couple of minutes to complete, which would be fine if there were a lot of them, or if they were fun. But the levels are poorly laid-out, and the whole game can be completed easily in a half hour. There’s no multiplayer mode, collectibles, various difficulty levels, or any reason to come back to the game once you’ve beaten it. The “story,” if that’s the right word for your series of generic goals, is left hanging at the end on a screen that says, “To Be Continued.”

To top it all off, the controls leave a lot to be desired as well. Because offers almost no challenge whatsoever, the controls are serviceable, but they’re far from responsive. Moving is easy, thanks to a D-pad, but looking around feels floaty. You can’t fire and move the camera simultaneously, so dispatching enemies takes longer than it should. None of this really matters, though, because the game isn’t worth playing.

To give credit where credit is due, it’s clear that a lot more effort went into the making of Block Ops than went into Slender-Man. But it’s still nowhere near good enough that we can recommend it. If you want a solid shooter for iOS, pick up Dead Trigger, Modern Combat 4, Trigger Fist, or just about anything other than Block Ops. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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