Blizzard Announces Warcraft Auction House for iPhone

Given there are currently more than 85 million iPhone and iPod touch consumers around the globe, it’s perhaps not surprising that MMORPG specialist Blizzard is keen to snap up a slice of the action.

As such, the developer has revealed this week that World of Warcraft– a game that, at its height boasted more than 11.5 million players of its own– will soon hit iPhone in the form of an auction house app.

The app will allow players to browse, buy, and sell goods from their handset, building upon the already existing World of Warcraft Armory app to serve up a marketplace that anyone can view, but only subscribers– for a fee of $2.99 a month– can actually utilize.

Blizzard has revealed the auction house is currently in the beta testing stage, with no set date for its official release yet announced. However, it’s expected that it will launch at some point this summer, with the developer already launching a dedicated website for the service.

“We are considering other services that could help keep players connected to different aspects of World of Warcraft through the web or their mobile devices,” Blizzard reveals on its website.

“As with the Auction House service, these services would be designed to complement the gameplay of World of Warcraft, and would be implemented in a way that doesn’t detract from the gameplay for other players who do not to use the service.”

[via Blizzard]

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