Blitz Brigade Players Encounter Connection Issues

When Gameloft announced Blitz Brigade at the beginning of the year, multiplayer fans greeted the news with equal parts excitement and skepticism. Fans of Team Fortress or Battlefield: Heroes were excited to play a new IP for the iPhone that looked like it was mashing up the best parts of both games, with the usual polish we expect from Gameloft. Most were even willing to look past the fact that Blitz Brigade looked like a pretty blatant clone. Then the game came out, and there was a big problem.

Once players made their profile and tried to join a game, many were greeted with an error message that said, “Failure to Connect”. It’s not quite as infuriating as Diablo 3’s infamous “Error 37” that plagued that game when it first came out–Blitz Brigade is free to download–but it’s still pretty annoying to eager players.

We’re planning to review Blitz Brigade, but as of this writing we have yet to be able to join a single multiplayer game. There is a single-player mode (for some reason it’s called a tutorial) but that too requires being able to connect to the servers, and that’s been spotty for us as well.

We reached out to Gameloft to try and get to the bottom of this, and here is what they had to say: “…we are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. In a terrible coincidence, our entire online infrastructure went down late last week, affecting every game we support. Not good, especially when we release a multiplayer-focused shooter the day before. A lot of the issues have been fixed, but there’s seems to still be some spotty performance with Blitz Brigade.”

So it looks like not only is Blitz Brigade being affected, but Gameloft’s entire server structure is having issues. Which makes sense as we’re not even able to access our Gameloft LIVE! account at the moment either.

We will update this story as things progress, and hopefully whatever it is that’s ailing Gameloft won’t be affecting them for too much longer. Keep your itchy trigger-fingers crossed!

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