Blez is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Blez Review

Games don’t get simpler than Blez. The game never changes, testing your patience and skill. After the first few levels, you might start to feel the tickle of addiction creeping in. Unfortunately, that feeling quickly dissipates as the difficulty ramps up. Fun quickly becomes frustration.

We’re partial to the night side at STP. *yawn*

The screen is divided into two fields–day and night–with minuscule stars and clouds slowly bouncing about the screen. A vertical divider with a small opening runs down the center, either repelling them as they strike it or allowing passage to the opposite side. Sliding your finger up and down or tilting the device moves the opening, allowing you control over the divider’s opening. Stars must be collected in the night field and clouds on the day field. Basic stuff, right?

Each successive level tosses more objects into the fray, and keeping them where they belong is the challenge. Letting a cloud pass through to the right, a few stars might sneak in as well, undoing your previous collection efforts.

This would be fun if the controls were intuitive. Your finger inevitably blocks your view, and the accelerometer’s non-adjustable sensitivity is too low to keep up with the frantic pace. Stars and clouds sometimes get stuck together or don’t pass when they should, making matters worse. Add in visuals that never change, a nigh unreadable font in the menus and a single tune that repeats, and Blez’s presentation becomes as lackluster as the gameplay. Scoring annoyances and a lack of online leaderboards add more fuel to the fire.

The $0.99 investment may be worth it for those who can tolerate the monotony, but with no extra game types or options, the majority of us will have forgotten Blez by the end of the week.

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