Blaze: Fire Puzzle

Blaze: Fire Puzzle is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Blaze: Fire Puzzle Review

Puzzle games are fun, but sometimes playing one is as relaxing as having three ADD-stricken children drape over your shoulder and chatter in your ear.




And that’s pretty okay. Puzzle games are supposed to challenge you and even scare you a little to help you think on your feet. Still, it’s nice to run across Blaze: Fire Puzzle. It prods you along with a loose time limit, but it’s still serene. It’s ideal for winding down prior to taking a nap.

The premise for Blaze: Fire Puzzle involves setting three-dimensional objects on fire. That’s cool on its own, but the twist with Blaze is that you have to light dozens of candles from just one starter flame. Each stage features a shape of varying complexity, and you can move it, and your starter flame, using your fingers.

If you perform your pyromaniacal task well, one flame will blow towards another, and the object will light up like Christmas. But candles don’t burn forever. The idea is to have 50% of the object burning simultaneously at any point.

Ankh you very much.

If you fail, you can try the stage again. Bronze, Silver, and Gold achievements are awarded according to how much of the object you lit up, and how fast. There’s little pressure to get a stage perfect the first time. That’s one of the two drawbacks saddled with Blaze: Fire Puzzle: You can challenge yourself to get a bigger, better score, but there’s little incentive.

Even the game’s aesthetics encourage you to mellow out and chill. The objects that you light up are presented in deep shades of copper and bronze, and are inspired by Egyptian and Aztec designs. Pleasantly soft classical guitar tunes accompany your experiments with fire, and makes you just want to sink back into the game and relax. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if you’re looking for heart-thumping action, look somewhere else. Unless you really push yourself and go for Gold on every level, you’ll burn through Blaze pretty quickly.

That is, unless you take advantage of Blaze’s other weakness: A lack of responsiveness on older devices. Whether it’s due to the touchscreen or processor, there’s too much drag on the older 3G iPhone, which means slow movements and lost puzzles.

But if you have fast device and you like puzzle games that don’t scream its challenges in your ear, let Blaze: Fire Puzzle sing you to sleep. Just make sure you extinguish all the candles in your living room before you lie down.

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