BlastOff Bunnies

BlastOff Bunnies is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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BlastOff Bunnies Review

Did you ever think, when you see bunnies hopping around all cute-like, that they’re actually trying to break the bonds of gravity and go soaring through space? BlastOff Bunnies lets you give these guys a helping hand, by stuffing them into a cannon and lighting the fuse.

High-score flying games are a familiar concept for App Store gamers, and we’re slightly disappointed that BlastOff Bunnies doesn’t go beyond similar games like Bird Strike: Gold Edition and Mega Jump. But BlastOff Bunnies is extremely simple to pick up and play, making it perfect for casual players or kids.

Hitchin’ a ride.

You start each round by blasting your bunny into the air. He goes soaring upwards, snagging stars to boost him up a little higher. You can also use a limited supply of carrots to get a boost when there isn’t a star nearby. At the same time, you have to tilt to collect dollar signs, which allow you to buy upgrades between launches.

These upgrades, like much of the game, are simple and fun. You can buy more and better carrots, which are like your rocket fuel supply, or increase your odds of getting an upward lift from a random UFO or Superbunny. You can also upgrade your initial blast-off.

While it doesn’t have much depth, BlastOff Bunnies is very cute and easy to play. If you’re just looking for a few quick minutes of fun at a time, or want to endlessly entertain a bored child, BlastOff Bunnies is a great choice.

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