Blast-A-Way is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Blast-A-Way Review

While art design doesn’t make a game enjoyable by itself, it can certainly make a good game look amazing. Blast-A-Way has a lot going for it. Not only is it a game with amazing touch controls, stunning graphics, and challenging levels, but it’s also a game that is designed to look modern. This game features rich, detailed levels, set against a minimalist, white canvas. Even the menus have a certain look to them that makes this game feel at home on your modern-age device.

Blast-A-Way consists of several worlds, each with their own series of levels. In each level, your goal is to rescue the small creatures who are stuck in colored blocks. To free these creatures, you must use your arsenal of bombs to crack the blocks open. However, each type of block and each type of bomb is color-coded. You can’t use one type of bomb for the entire level. Instead, you’ll need to sleuth out each puzzle to find the right solution.

The game uses a simple touch control scheme for all of your actions. The robot that you pilot is controlled by touching and dragging around the environment. Simply walking past a creature will rescue it, and walking to a new bomb will equip it. To throw a bomb, touch the block you are aiming at and hold down on the screen. A gauge will appear, showing the strength of your throw. This gauge will fluctuate between a soft and a hard throw, and you can release when the strength is optimal for your target.

No sharp corners.

While there are no enemies walking around each level, there are other dangers. The first danger is accidentally blowing yourself up, which will push you off the level and into the white abyss surrounding each environment. Doing this will end the level, and force you to restart. The other danger is that you won’t collect all three creatures in each level. You could simply miss one that is hidden, or accidentally blow one off of the level. You can complete the level without rescuing all three, but you’ll need as many rescues as you can to unlock the next world.

Each world of levels is defined by the material of the environment. You’ll start off in ‘Wood Wonders,’ which resembles a child’s play blocks. You’ll move into metal, fabric, stone, and plastic. Each level is amazingly colored and detailed. The levels look stellar, particularly on a Retina Display device. The amount of effort put into making the game look impressive was well worth it.

Blast-A-Way may start out fairly easy, but each world will present another layer of puzzles to deal with. You’ll soon find new bombs, which will interact with the colored blocks differently. You’ll even find teleporter bombs, which can move you around the level and help you reach new areas. The levels will also add moving parts to block your shot, or blocks that will change the color of your bombs.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

If there are any problems with Blast-A-Way, it’s with the controls. At times, particularly in the later and more difficult levels, the game requires precision. Since the throwing mechanic constantly fluctuates between a weak and strong throw, it can be difficult to time those perfect shots. While it may be frustrating at times, this doesn’t diminish the gaming experience.

We thoroughly enjoyed playing Blast-A-Way. The levels are fun and challenging, the game looks great, and it takes full advantage of your touchscreen device. It’s also the type of game that you will want to go back and play again. You could complete Blast-A-Way without achieving 100% completion, but who would want to?

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