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Bit.Trip Run! is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Bit.Trip Run! Review

The Bit.Trip series is a cult classic in the indie gaming scene. Mixing retro style graphics with a chiptune soundtrack and a brutal level of difficulty, it’s the perfect mixture of fun and originality. The standout game in the series is Bit.Trip Runner, where you control Commander Video by sliding, kicking, and jumping past any obstacles that block your path. Bit.Trip Run! is the highly anticipated sequel.

In Bit.Trip Run! you control Commander Video, who has the ability to jump, slide, kick, and dance. You’ll learn how each one of these moves work as you progress through the game. In each level, you’ll collect stacks of gold, along with power-ups that act as score multipliers (and also enhance the soundtrack), while avoiding pitfalls, enemies, and walls.


If you mess up during a level, you may be sent back to the beginning and have to run through it again. However, a checkpoint system has been put in place, so once you get to a certain point within the level, you won’t have to play the whole level again. This is a really nice addition, and it makes Bit.Trip Run! more beginner-friendly than the original game. Challenge stages, “retro” stages, bonus characters, and unlockable costumes can all be purchased using the gold that you collect in-game.

Currently there are no in-app purchases, so everything can be purchased just by playing the game. There’s a free update on the way that will add 20 more levels, retro and challenge stages, and boss battles. It looks like Gaijin Games is committed to giving Bit.Trip fans the full Bit.Trip Runner experience on iOS.


There’s really not much to complain about. The controls could use a little tweaking, but the developers say they plan to address this in the next update. The difficulty may turn off some players as well, but since the levels are short, it shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. If players want to adjust the difficulty, they can– just select the difficulty before you select the level.

Bit.Trip Run! is a game that everyone should try, from fans of the Bit.Trip series to newcomers who have never heard of it before. It’s everything you could ask for in an endless runner: It’s fun, the music is great, and it offers a level of challenge that will keep you coming back for just one more try.

There are many games in this genre, but Bit.Trip Run! stands out amongst the competition. It may just be the best endless runner on the App Store. Play Bit.Trip Run!, and you won’t be disappointed.

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