Bit-1 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Bit-1 Review

Challenge platformers have seen a major resurgence ever since Super Meat Boy rose to popularity. iOS has seen many excellent incarnations of the subgenre, such as League of Evil and Mos Speedrun. On the other side of the spectrum are the attempts that fall far from the mark, Bit-1 being a prime example. The game lacks the speed, clever level design and tight controls that make challenge platformers so rewarding.

Bit-1’s gameplay is as simple as it gets: reach the end of a short level without dying. Most levels involve awkward platforming, killing/avoiding enemies and collecting coins for score. A few others are boss battles that are easily beaten by standing in one place, holding down the shoot button and strolling through the exit. On top of all this, your character and the game in general moves at what is easily one of the slowest paces we’ve ever encountered in a platformer. This makes the floaty jumping even more aggravating.

Pew pew pew pewpewpewpew.

The entire game feels like an exercise in copy-pasting: enemies are placed around each level at random, the visuals feel out of place, and platforms are often only reachable at the height of a jump. The clunky controls are the reason behind nearly every death and thus the only challenging aspect of Bit-1 is competing with poor design. There are only 25 levels, although it will likely take you less than ten before you give up on this stinker.

There’s little more to say about Bit-1 other than you shouldn’t waste a dollar here. There are many better options out there that fill the same niche in a far, far better way.

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