BioShock for iOS – Coming Soon

BioShock is coming to iOS later this year. We got the chance to go hands on with an early build of the port and it’s looking pretty good.

After the success of XCOM on iOS, 2K Games decided to pull another hit from their archives and port it to iOS. This time BioShock is coming to iOS, the full game, and with MFi controller support.

We got a chance to go hands on with the game, and we must stress that this is a full port. A couple of the graphics features had to be turned down a bit for the release, but otherwise it’s the full game. The addition of controller support is interesting as it allows that last few people that can’t handle FPS on mobile to control it the old fashioned way.

3 thoughts on “BioShock for iOS – Coming Soon

  1. This looks fantastic for a mobile game. After seeing this near-perfect port of Bioshock, I really want to see Capcom port Resident Evil 5 over to ios.

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